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New to the Industry? SolarEdge 101 & In-Home Pro Tips

October 26th, 8am-9am PST 

We're excited to be your dedicated partner in solar!

The first step is ensuring we can help you with the basics and close more deals. Join us to go over how SolarEdge's technology works with your homeowner's energy ecosystem and get in-home selling tips from SolarEdgers that have been residential solar selling experts themselves. 

Coffee is for Closers! SolarEdge Energy Bank Series

November 2nd, 8am-9am PST 

Grab your coffee and start your morning with us! In session 2 of the SolarEdge Energy Bank series, we will answer the following questions: 

-How many batteries does my homeowner need? 
-What expectations should I set with my homeowner, without getting too complex and complicated? 
-What happens during extended, multiple day power outages?