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 Why SolarEdge


Maximum savings
The SolarEdge system is future-proofed against the potential risks of reduced energy production over the lifetime of the system.


More safety
Compliant with the most advanced safety standards, SolarEdge's SafeDC™ feature is designed to return the solar system to a safe voltage whenever the inverter or power grid is turned off.

Warranty Extended warranties
25 years for power optimizers
12 years for the inverter (extendable to 25 years).


24/7 monitoring
View real-time power production on the free mySolarEdge app.

SolarEdge has helped companies of all sizes transition to a profitable and clean renewable energy solution. Our commercial solar solutions have been proven to bring value to a wide range of applications such as commercial rooftops, industrial, and in agriculture (agrivoltaics).

More safety

With SolarEdge, PV system safety begins at the module level to maximize protection of people and property. 

Our comprehensive safety suite contains advanced features that meet the industry's most stringent safety regulations, designed to ensure the well-being of installers, maintenance personnel, first responders and system owners. 

These features include SafeDC™, which reduces DC voltage to contact-safe levels in the event of grid failure or inverter shutdown. Module-level monitoring platform (free for 25 years) sends automatic alerts on system problems, preventing potential safety hazards, while our monitoring platform allows many module problems to be remotely resolved. In addition, the arc detection and prevention feature identifies and terminates arcs using automatic inverter shutdown for strings up to 400 m long.

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