The future of solar energy for homes

The new energy reality requires a new approach to home energy management. SolarEdge Home is the right answer both for homeowners and installers. This complete total solution offers a personalised and automated 24-hour energy programme for every household, adapting to your customers' changing needs.

SolarEdge Home is a DC-optimised and scalable system that can not only increase the size of your average PV system, but with a growing range of smart home devices, it will also keep your customers coming back for more.


The all-in-one modular solution can be adapted to any installation. The SolarEdge Home ecosystem includes:

  • The SolarEdge inverter
  • The SolarEdge storage solutions
  • Smart Modules with integrated Power Optimizers
  • SolarEdge Energy Net wireless mesh network
  • Full range of smart home energy devices, including the SolarEdge Home EV charger

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