Are you a SolarEdge battery owner located in Great Britain?

If so, it is a great time to help stabilise the grid! Enroll your SolarEdge battery to this programme and get paid super high rates to share your stored energy during peak winter days.

Help keep the nation’s grid in balance, minimise reliance on polluting fossil fuel generators and make money while you’re at it!

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Are you an installer?

Work with your customer to complete the enrollment form.

How the programme works

During regular system usage

Your home runs on energy produced by your solar system and complements it with power from the battery and/or the grid.

During peak event

Your battery will automatically discharge its stored energy. Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to source energy from the grid to keep the entire household running, uninterrupted.

After an event

Your solar system will automatically recharge your battery after the event ends according to the selected battery profile.

Demand Flexibility Battery Programme Benefits

No commitment – You can choose to opt out from every event

Events* Participation Incentive**
3-6 expected Demand Flexibility Service events At least £2.50 per kWh contributed from your battery during an event
Example 1: One SolarEdge Home Battery, with an average consumption baseline of 2kW during events, participating in six 1-hour events of battery discharge 6 x 2kWh x £2.50 = £30
Example 2: One SolarEdge Home Battery, with an eligible export MPAN, discharging at maximum power of 5kW and participating in six 1-hour events of battery discharge 6 x 5kWh x £2.50 = £75

* There is no guarantee about the minimum or maximum number of events. Events can be test or real events depending on National Grid ESO. 

** The total amount of your incentives will be paid via an Amazon eGift voucher sent to your email by June 2023 for all events taking place until 31/03/2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Demand Flexibility Battery programme?
National Grid ESO is incentivising customers to reduce their electricity usage and help maintain a more stable grid during 2023 winter season. SolarEdge Home battery owners can uniquely share their battery storage to achieve the highest levels of reduction without the burden of changing their behavior. Eligible system owners with export MPAN (export meter) could even earn higher incentives by exporting electricity to the grid. By participating, system owners earn rewards, while using renewable energy to help keep the nation’s electricity stable.
Am I eligible?
To participate in this special programme, you need to meet the following criteria:
  1. You are SolarEdge system owner, with SolarEdge Home battery
  2. Your system is in Great Britain.
  3. You have a smart metering system. If you have an import MPAN, during an event you will be able to discharge the battery to the amount of the house load. If you also have an export MPAN, during an event you will be able to discharge at the maximum power of the battery and earn higher rewards.
  4. You are not registered under another Demand Flexibility Service provider
If you still don’t have a SolarEdge battery, ask your installer about our new SolarEdge home solutions today.
When can a peak event occur?
Peak events can occur until end of March 2023. Events are most likely to occur in weekdays between 16:00-21:00, and each event can last between 30 minutes to 4 hours.
Am I notified prior to an event?
Events are usually scheduled a day in advance. As soon as the event will be scheduled, we will send you an email with the event details. You will have the option to opt-out from an individual event you don’t want to participate in.
How will SolarEdge optimize my battery before DFS events?

In preparation for events, we will take care of optimizing your battery, so you will not have to worry about it. In the hours before the DFS event starts we will charge your battery from PV and if needed from the grid. We will also disable battery discharges few hours prior to the DFS events to make sure your battery is optimized for participating in the event maximizing your contribution to the grid when most needed and your rewards.

How much can I earn?
  • SolarEdge will reimburse you at least £2.50 per kWh of demand reduction or energy export versus a calculated baseline during Demand Flexibility events.
  • If you are an eligible system owner with an verified export MPAN, your battery can discharge up to 9.7 kWh per event at a maximum power of 5 kW.
  • If you are an eligible system owner without an export MPAN, your battery can discharge up to your consumption level during the event.
  • For example, a SolarEdge Home Battery with an export MPAN can earn on a 2-hour event up to 9.7 kWh x £2.50 = £24.25.
How will I get paid?
The total amount of your incentives will be paid via an Amazon eGift Voucher sent to your email by June 2023 for all winter events you participated in by 31/03/2023.
Sounds great. How do I sign up?
If you are eligible to participate, submit your application by clicking Join the Programme and following prompts on the registration page.
What if I'm already registered with another Demand Flexibility Provider?

If you are already registered with another provider of National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service you must deregister before you register with our service. If you will be registered under multiple providers you might be disqualified from any participation. If you're not sure whether you are registered we suggest you verify this before registring with our service. 

How can I find my MPAN and IHD serial number?

Your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number, also called Supply Number) is a 13-digits number that can be found on your electricity bill, or on your In-Home Display menu. It will help us uniquely identify your meter for this service. 

We will also need for verification the last 4 digits of your In-Home Display device number (GUID), which can be found on the back or the bottom of your In-Home Display device

Until when registration is open?
Registration is open until 19/02/23. The sooner you’ll register the more potential events you’ll have to help the grid and earn money.
Can I participate before registering?
No, you can participate only after registering, so the sooner you register, the more you can earn.
When does the programme end?
This first phase of the National Grid ESO program ends on 31/03/2023.
Can I request to be removed from the programme?
You can either decide to opt-out from individual events (we’ll send you email notification as the events are scheduled). You can also ask to be removed completely from the programme by providing a written request to DFS_support@solaredge.com (please allow us up to 15 days to process).
Why a SolarEdge Battery?
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  • Easily control your battery and other SolarEdge devices, like EV Chargers, with one app: mySolarEdge
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Other Questions
Please visit https://www.nationalgrideso.com/electricity-explained/electricity-and-me/esos-demand-flexibility-service for more information on the programme from National Grid ESO.