SolarEdge’s commercial inverters continue to evolve with the release of new three phase 33.3kW models for the 230V/400V grid. Installers will enjoy easier installations as they’re 25% lighter than other inverters in its class, and system owners will benefit from more energy production thanks to 150% DC oversizing.

We've maximized inverter protection during lightning events with an integrated Type 2 DC SPD, and included RS485 and Type 2 AC SPDs as optional additions. As these inverters are also future-ready for SolarEdge’s commercial energy storage solution, you’ll be all set when this becomes available.

Feature Highlights

Easier installations, weighing 25% less than other inverters in its class at only 32kg
More power with up to 150% inverter oversizing
Protection from lightning events with field-replaceable surge protection devices:
    Integrated type 2 DC SPD
    Optional type 2 AC SPD (integrated or as an external kit)
    Optional RS485 SPD (external kit)
Shorter installation time and lower BOS costs, with optional single DC input
Reduced wiring and labor costs with 3-wire grid connection support
Wider AC gland of up to 28mm for AC wires with double isolation
Added IT grid support in addition to all previously supported grid configurations
Lower RCD per inverter (<100mA), cutting costs of installing multi-inverter systems
Future-ready to support commercial energy storage solution, when available
Includes standard 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 years

Ordering Information

Supported for new commercial installations, from 15 October 2020.

Place your orders using the following PNs:

 33.3kW inverters:
    With MC4 + DC Safety Unit + AC & DC SPD + AC/DC separation: SExxK-RW00IBNJ4