SolarEdge Australia has Extended its Commercial Offering 

We have exciting news for the Australian market. Based on SolarEdge’s track record of optimising commercial-scale PV systems, SolarEdge is extending its commercial offering with the launch of larger-capacity, three-phase inverters up to 100kW. The new inverters enable reduced installation time and cost, while also providing smart energy management control. 

The inverters are light enough to be installed by only two people and like traditional string inverters, no special equipment is required since they can be easily mounted on the wall, meaning no ground space is wasted. 

SolarEdge commercial inverter benefits: 

  • Inverters can come pre-wired and their increased power rating means less AC connections
  • They work independently from one another, limiting downtime to the effected hardware and simplifying serviceability and maintenance
  • Are lower cost compared to traditional inverters
  • As well as simple and reliable 
  • Inverters >27.6kVA expected to be available in Q1 2018 

Not only has SolarEdge Australia extended its commercial inverter offering, but one commercial power optimiser per two panels is now available for all commercial installations. 

Supporting panel ratings up to 400Wp, the commercial power optimisers also reduce BoS costs by allowing longer strings up to 15.3kW. Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge commercial inverters, the commercial power optimisers offer increased energy production, improved design flexibility, enhanced safety, and cost-effective operation and maintenance with monitoring of each power optimiser and remote troubleshooting.


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Benefits of the SolarEdge Solution

More Energy 

Increased energy yield and faster return on investment through module-level MPPT 

Constraint Free Design

Maximum space utilisation with minimum design time 

Lower O&M cost

Full visibility of system performance  and remote troubleshooting

Enhanced Safety Solution

Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting, and other emergencies